Course Syllabus



Teacher: Mrs. Shoshannah Brasher
Phone: (907) 224-9057 (Rm. 106)

Seward High School 2016-2017

Room 106

  • Course Overview

Biology is a yearlong lab science course focused on the study of living things and their biological processes.  Students will learn about and utilize the scientific method, essential laboratory skills, and develop and understanding of the fundamental principles of biology including the structure and processes of organisms, heredity, evolution, and ecosystems.  

  • Required Materials
    • Notebook (to keep in class for daily journals)
    • Writing utensil
    • Binder with paper (for assignments and note-taking)
    • Textbook (Biology, 2014)
  • Assessment
    • Methods of assessment include tests, projects, assignments, daily journals, and laboratory activities.
      • Grades will be assigned as follows
        • A: 90%-100%
        • B: 80%-89%
        • C: 70%-79%
        • D: 60%-69%
        • F: Below 60%
      • Grades will be weighted as follows
        • Assessments: 50%
        • Labs/Assignments/Projects: 45%
        • Daily Journal: 5%
      • Late assignments will be penalized by 30% and will be accepted up to the day of the unit test.
  • Policies and Expectations
    • Students are expected to follow all outlined KPBSD and Seward High School policies outlined in Seward High School’s parent/student handbook.  This includes proper behavioral conduct and academic integrity.  Students must participate in safe laboratory practices at all times.  
    • Attendance – Students who reach an excess of 15 absences in a semester will be referred to Seward High School’s intervention team and may lose course credit at the discretion of the intervention team.
    • Personal Electronic Devices – Students may use personal electronic devices in the classroom for instructional purposes only.  This includes use as a calculator, daily planner, canvas / PowerSchool access, and as an Internet research tool related to course relevant information. Listening to music with one headphone is only permitted during quiet independent work once class instruction has been completed.  
    • Food and Drink – Students may not bring food into the classroom unless specifically permitted by the teacher.  Drinks are allowed
  • Digital Resources
    • Canvas – Canvas is a district based learning management system that contains class content, instructional resources, prospective timelines, and other course information.  The address for this website is  It can also be accessed through the KPBSD website or Seward High School’s home page.  Students are expected to use canvas to access course content and get make up work.  
    • PowerSchool – Parents and students will have access to PowerSchool.  Grades will be primarily communicated through this medium and will be updated each Monday by 8 am.  The online version of the textbook can also be accessed through PowerSchool.


I have read, understand, and agree to abide by the behavioral and academic expectations outlined in the syllabus.  

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